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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Proactive Garage Door Tips

We asked our professional garage door technicians to list out a few useful tips that our customers can adhere to in order to increase the efficiency and longevity of their systems. Check them out below.

Familiarize yourself with emergency protocols

Most garage door openers have a manual release cord, also known as the emergency release cord, which pretty much implies what its purpose is. If you need to get your garage door open during a power outage, and you don't have a backup battery installed, then you can pull this cord in order to be able to use it manually. Remember to never do this if the door is already open, as it could come slamming down. Consult your manual for more information, or give our team a call if you need emergency repairs.

Don't neglect to preform lubrication maintenance

Some of the mechanical parts of your garage door can drive you crazy with their incessant noise. That is, unless you make sure to properly lubricate them every so often. Torsion springs, panel hinges and steel rollers can all benefit from this. If you have a chain-drive opener, then chain can also be lubricated to reduce the naturally high noise output the unit already has.

Give the opener safety sensors some special attention

If you want to make sure your garage door stays safe to use, you should take the time to check the opener safety sensors every month or so. They're responsible for preventing the door from closing while something's blocking its way, so doing this can be crucial. Put an object under the door and try to close it using the opener. If the door touches the object, the sensors need to be either replaced or realigned. These are delicate components, so it's better that you let our experts help.

Understanding the different types of insulation material

The two most common types of garage door insulation material are polystyrene or polyurethane. The former is a sheet of pressed particles which resemble bean bag filling, while the latter is usually applied in the form of a dense foam. Polyurethane tends to have a greater R-value and provide a higher level of insulation compared to an application of polystyrene with a similar level of thickness. Many garage door manufacturers tend to prefer polyurethane insulation as it creates a superior finished result.

A short guide for proper steel garage door maintenance

Steel garage doors require significantly less maintenance than their wooden counterparts. They usually come with a pre-painted coating. Generally, doors of this type will only need basic cleaning once or twice a year. Check them for any signs of rust, and make sure to treat any discovered spots as soon as possible. If you need to have a panel replaced, give our experts a call.

Avoid trying to handle complex issues by yourself

Your garage door is a complicated system and it needs to be repaired by professional technicians. Something like broken springs and cables, misaligned tracks or anything to do with the opener can be incredibly dangerous to try and DIY. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, simply give our experts a call.

Test your safety sensors regularly

Modern garage door openers have safety sensors that detect anything that passes through the door opening. When movement is detected while the door is closing, the system will automatically stop and reverse. This is a particularly important safety feature, so you need to check these sensors regularly and make sure that the door reverses properly.

Always watch your garage door until it fully closes

A partially closed garage door is not just an open invitation for potential burglars, it can also be dangerous for children and pets. Whether you are coming home or leaving, always keep an eye on your door until it closes all the way down.

Keep your opener remote with you when you're out and about

You should never keep your garage door remote in the car when you park it in public areas. The opener remote coupled with any piece of mail with your address on it will provide burglars with an easy path and access to your home. Keep the remote with you at all times. The simplest way to do this is to attach it to your keychain.


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