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Our technicians can fix whatever's wrong with your door. The following FAQs represents some of the different things that we've found most homeowners want to know. If you want some more information, give our experts a call.

You may have a problem with the travel limit function of your opener. When your door is installed, the technician sets the opener's limit switches to determine how far the door can be raised and lowered. If your door is not opening or closing properly our technicians can take care of this for you.
Your first step is to determine if the problem is actually with your springs. However, if the issue does lie with these components, then you really shouldn't try and handle them by yourself. Replacing springs is complicated and can be very dangerous so this is one job to leave to the experts. Our trained technicians can take care of this for you.
Yes! You can have as many remotes for your garage door as you want. This can depend on the type of unit you have, but usually there shouldn't be any problems. Of Course, each remote needs to be calibrated to work with your opener. Call our professionals if you want a new remote or need any type of help.
Cable can degrade over time so they should be checked regularly, preferably whenever you inspect the springs or any other part of the system. Frayed cables can break unexpectedly, and a cable that comes off the drum will prevent you from using your garage door. Since these components support the weight of the panels, you need to have our team perform any replacement or repair work that proves to be necessary.
This can only be easily determined. You need to manually lift your door until it's about halfway open. Then you need to let go of it. If your door stays in place, then it's all good. If it moves up or down a little, or a lot, then spring adjustment is probably required. Don't try to do this by yourself, as you could get seriously hurt. Instead, give our team a call.
A thorough examination is a key part of any garage door maintenance routine. It must take part at least once or twice a year. Check the tracks for bending or rust, the panels for dents or rot (if they're made of wood) and the springs for deformed coils. If you find something needs to be replaced, realigned or adjusted, don't try to do it yourself. Leave the dangerous part to our technicians.
This depends on your circumstances. Screw drive openers have fewer moving parts and require very little maintenance, but they aren't exactly quiet and also can be affected by drastic temperature fluctuations. Chain drive models are very durable, reliable and cheaper than other types but they are also quite noisy. Belt driven units are the quietest ones, but they're also more expensive usually. You should assess your needs and requirements to judge which type is best suited to you. Our experts can help you make the right decision.

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